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January Mid-Month Update

I can't believe it's already halfway through January!

Here are the latest updates of what's posting this month in the PirateCat portal...

Still posting in weekly installments inside PirateCat:

  • Fate Rising (a Leyward Stones serial that can be read as a sequel to the Macchiatos trilogy/Leyward Stones 1-3 OR as a standalone!)

--Still posting twice-weekly (Tuesdays and Saturdays) every week!

What's Coming for the Future

We plan to continue posting new episodes of Fate Rising weekly throughout the foreseeable future, along with adding in some new, ongoing books and series as we're able. As this site (and its membership) grows and costs are covered, that will open up the possibility of investing the time and expense to produce a lot more incoming content for this platform in the future!

Thank you ALL for being here and for supporting our mission to make clean, young adult fiction more accessible to readers and to build a thriving community around quality YA stories.

Happy reading!

Crystal Crawford

PirateCat Publishing owner and operator

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