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May 2024 Mid-Month Update

Happy May to all our subscribers and blog-followers!

Here are the latest updates:

What's New in the Portal

In case you missed it, there was a big double-drop and triple-drop event with Fate Rising this past week as part of a BIG REVEAL/end-of-Part-1 celebration for this serial!

Two episodes went up at once last week (they were scheduled to go up on Saturday the 10th, but due to some life events happening here, I posted them early)... and then three more went up at once on Tuesday, May 14th!

If you're following this story, you won't want to miss these episodes!

As a side note, if you aren't already following PirateCat Publishing on Instagram and/or Facebook, that's a great place to get more frequent updates on what's happening and alerts when something new is posted! Like the Stories below, which were posted on the respective drop-dates for these episodes:

Plus, we'd just love to see y'all around! :)

As I stated in an Author Note on the actual story posts, this story will be going on a brief posting hiatus for a few weeks while I work on Part 2 of the story (and because I'm moving and need time to pack!). But don't worry; I plan to resume posting episodes of this story on a regular schedule sometime in mid-June!

What's Coming Soon...

Some brand-new stories will be joining the PirateCat portal in the coming weeks.

Keep a lookout for new books in M.J. Padgett's The Immortal Grimm Brothers' Guide to Sociopathic Princesses series! Several of the books from this series are already in the portal, and soon you'll be getting MORE of the series. The next books of this story world are set to join the portal sometime in June!

That's it for this month's updates... but please, if you love PirateCat and what we do here, spread the word!

Thank you ALL for being here and for supporting our mission to build a thriving community around quality, clean YA stories.

Happy reading!


Crystal Crawford

PirateCat Publishing owner and operator

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