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March Mid-Month Update

Here are the latest updates of what's posting this month in the PirateCat portal...

Fate Rising is still going strong inside PirateCat... and nearing a milestone reveal point!

  • Fate Rising (a Leyward Stones serial that can be read as a sequel to the Macchiatos trilogy/Leyward Stones 1-3 OR as a standalone!)

--New episodes of this story are posting on Tuesdays and Saturdays every week, until otherwise announced or until story is completed!

We're nearing the end of "Part 1" of this serial, which will contain some major reveals and twists in the next few episodes as connections between this serial and the previous (Macchiatos) storyline become clear and this story's three POV timelines and goals all intersect and click into place!

What's Coming for the Future

I'm working on some fun content that will actually be off PirateCat--available on my (Crystal's) public blog on my main website. This is primarily because I'm working on consolidating more and more of my traffic to websites I own (my C.Crawford Writing site, and PirateCat), rather than being so dependent on social media or the 'Zon to reach readers.

I'm also hoping that offering some new content completely free to EVERYONE will help raise visibility for my work as a whole, which will eventually mean more audience sent HERE, to PirateCat, to sign up and enjoy the stories we've so carefully curated here for our subscribers. <3

The free content I'll be posting on my C. Crawford Writing blog will be separate from the subscribers-only content here in PirateCat, but will definitely appeal to a similar audience! I'll be sure to let you all know when it's ready, so you won't miss a thing!

I also plan to continue adding in some new, ongoing books and series and more behind-the-scenes content directly into PirateCat for all of you here as I'm able!

Thank you ALL for being here and for supporting our mission to build a thriving community around quality, clean YA stories.

Happy reading!

Crystal Crawford

PirateCat Publishing owner and operator

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