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(Want to know more about PirateCat first? Check out our Join or About pages!)


Purchase a one-year subscription to PirateCat Publishing to gift to a friend or family member!


Once we process your purchase, you will receive an email with a unique, one-time use Redemption Code to provide to your gift recipient.  The recipient will then be able to use this code at checkout on our Join page to purchase a Yearly Membership at no cost to them.


It's a great way to gift the PirateCat reading experience to friends or family!  (Thanks to one of our loyal PirateCat subscribers for the idea/request--you know who you are!)




The redemption code will give the recipient 100% off a Yearly Membership.  When the one-year period is up, they will automatically be billed for renewal.  If they decide they don't want to renew, they would just need to cancel their subscription prior to that one-year renewal date. (This still gives them a full year to try out PirateCat, first!)


The checkout process may ask for their payment information at checkout, in order to have it on file to bill for the renewal, but they will not be charged anything at checkout so long as they use the provided one-time-use redemption code.


Gift a Yearly Subscription to Someone!

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