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a romance novella

by Crystal Crawford

©2017 Crystal Crawford. All rights reserved.

Please do not copy, reprint, or otherwise reuse any portion of this work without express permission from the author.


This novella is a spin-off bonus novella based on characters from my other book, I’m Not a Stalker. If you would like to see more of these characters and their world, check out the full Stalker Mystery Set here on PirateCat:

I’m Not a Stalker (the original love-story-mystery told through texts and emails) and The Five Suspects (a companion book that reveals the story of what was really happening behind all those texts and emails from the first book).

There is also a bonus short story exclusively for my CCrawfordWriting newsletter subscribers--Let It Burn: The Story of Megs (the history of Megs and Anissa’s friendship from Megs’ point-of-view). Get this mini-book FREE for subscribing to my newsletter!

Thank you for reading!

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Chapter 1 - Becca

Becca dumped the contents of her backpack out on her bed. How did I get so much trash in here? she wondered. Little scraps of paper and...


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