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The Real Aria Scott

Thanksgiving at our house was… unusual to say the least. When I agreed to hang out with Tyson, I hadn’t anticipated it would be the very next day. Tyson’s father was a lot like ours, raising a child alone after his wife passed away from breast cancer when Tyson was five. Unfortunately for Tyson, his father’s work often pulled him away for long stretches at a time, including holidays. By noon on Thanksgiving Day, Tyson was bored and decided to text message his new friend a thousand times.

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Live It Like There's No Tomorrow

Dearest Aria, I’m happy you patched things up with your sister! Family is complicated. You can both love and hate them more than anyone...


If Hope had been given any warning whatsoever that Tyson would be at my house, she might have worn something other than her paint-stained...


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