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The Fallen Guild

"Alright, class, settle down and pick a chair. Any chair will do for now. I'll assign seats in a few minutes." Professor Trelles groaned and barked orders at the thirty-three students filing into his classroom less than excited for a lecture on ancient world histories. I didn't understand the big deal, but history was evidently dull to most kids. I loved it, and Professor Trelles was the best teacher in the entire school when it came to the subject of ancient cultures.

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THE FALLEN CHRONICLES SERIAL PARANORMAL ROMANCE © 2022 Melissa Padgett (M. J. Padgett) All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication...

The Fires Begin

“Why does she act that way? He has literally saved her life a dozen times, and she treats him like a lapdog,” Natalie complained as she...


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