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Prologue: Intercepted Message


Intercepted Message:

Mission successful.

We are inbound with the files. Those self-righteous Sulamine Diplomats and Desnapus Royal jerks never stood a chance. We can move forward with the plans.

But we need to hurry. I think someone has been watching us.

They may know about you, too.

Be careful.



Attention Level 9 Administrators:

The above correspondence was discovered in the file log for vessel 79XV3, found abandoned along a trade route late last evening. It was sent toward Quadrant 7, Sector 4 — identity of sender still unknown.

Inhabited planets in Sector 4 are few; the intended recipient appears to be an unidentified subject on Planet 457, commonly known as Earth. Communication with this planet is forbidden.

The contents of the illegal message are concerning. The Galactic Peace Council has launched an investigation into the origin of this breach, and a copy of the original message has been uploaded to the Common Galactic Server. Level 9 Clearance is required for Access.

A notification has been sent to the Sulamine Diplomatic Council and Desnapus Royal Council. You should receive their access requests shortly.

Official request status for Sulamine and Desnapus Councils: Approved. Allow access immediately.

As usual, delete all records of this correspondence. Once the message contents have been viewed by the Councils, disable the access link, and remove all data from your servers.


Level 10 Administration
Galactic Peace Council

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