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PirateCat now has Nonfiction, too!

We are pleased to announce that the PirateCat Publishing portal now includes Nonfiction content!

In addition to all the fiction content we regularly post, we have now expanded to include two new content categories:

  • Nonfiction (including memoirs, etc.)

  • Writing Guides & Resources

The Nonfiction content will be listed under its own genre on the typical Reads page. The Writing Guides & Resources can be found under a brand-new "Learn" section, easily found on the top menu inside our site!

Here's a bit more about each of these new features:

1) "Learn" (a whole new tab/section on our site menu!)

Under the "Learn" tab on the menu, you'll find Crystal Crawford's Slap Him with a Fish: A Crash-Course in Fiction Writing, already posted in its entirety so you can read and/or reference it as desired!

This is also where we plan to post additional writing guides, and where we will host our writing workshops/video courses for teens & new writers whenever we get ready to launch that portion of our platform!

2) Nonfiction genre added to the Reads page

The new Nonfiction genre on our Reads page is where all other Nonfiction on our site will go. (Anything that isn't a Writing Guide or Writing Resource.) We envision this including memoirs and other fun informative books, all clean, teen-appropriate, and with content that would appeal to YA readers.

We plan to expand both of these new sections inside PirateCat as we grow, and we're excited to unveil new content under each of them in the future!

To kick off the launch of these new content sections, we've already posted two new books inside PirateCat:

(fully posted and ready to read under the new "Learn" tab!)

(posting in weekly installments, found under the Nonfiction genre on our Reads page --Chapter 1 is already up and ready to read!)

We're excited for you to check out this new content!

If there are any other additions or new types of content you'd like to see on our site, please let us know! You can post your suggestions under the designated thread in the Chat forum area, DM us through the built-in messaging inside PirateCat, or email us at!

Thanks, and happy reading!

--Crystal and MJ

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