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November Mid-Month Update

Happy November... and happy almost-Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it!

It's wild to think we're already done with 2023, but we've still got a month or so left, right?

Here are the latest updates of what's posting this month in the PirateCat portal...

Still posting in weekly installments inside PirateCat:

  • Deceptively Beautiful (The Immortal Grimm Brothers' Guide to Sociopathic Princesses, Book 3) by M.J. Padgett

--This one is still posting weekly, and will be wrapping up toward the end of December!

  • Fate Rising (a Leyward Stones serial that can be read as a sequel to the Macchiatos trilogy/Leyward Stones 1-3 OR as a standalone!)

--Aside from a brief, 1-week planned hiatus the week of Christmas, this one will be going strong with 2 new episodes every week from now and into the new year! There's still a lot of content to come on this story, but the end of "Part 1" will be approaching sometime after the holidays... meaning a mini-bump into the next phase of the story arc (think of it like entering book 2 of a series, basically). We may take a short hiatus between parts, but we'll keep you updated on the posting schedule. For now, you can expect new episodes every Tuesday and Saturday, ongoing!


Which would you most like to see added to PirateCat?

We didn't get much feedback on the poll last month, so I'm posting it again!

Vote below for your heart's desires for what we should add next to our platform.(This will help me decide how to prioritize projects in the coming months.)

What would you MOST like to see added to PirateCat?

  • YA Mystery books

  • more YA romance books

  • YA paranormal detective series

  • YA Dystopian books

THANK YOU for being here!

If you haven't yet subscribed to PirateCat, now's a GREAT time to dive in to a bunch of amazing YA story worlds, all in one place! <3

(And if you know someone who might enjoy PirateCat, please spread the word!)

Happy reading!

Crystal Crawford

PirateCat Publishing owner and operator

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I’m not sure whether my vote worked. I voted for the dystopian books. If I were to add a category, it would probably be “lighthearted fantasy“. Something like Paul Regnier’s recent book, Bard Tidings.


Hi Crystal, I keep trying to vote in the poll, but it won't accept my choice. I would like more YA paranormal detective stories.

- Candice

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