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New, Special Edition Covers for The Lex Chronicles!

Hello, everyone--Crystal, here!

My husband (aka cover artist) and I are working to release brand new, special edition, EBOOK ONLY covers for my fantasy trilogy, The Lex Chronicles (Legends of Arameth)! I'm currently teasing the covers on my social media, and working to get them up on all the retail platforms...

But I wanted you here in PirateCat to be some of the first to see the full covers!

The covers for all three books (The Edge of Nothing, The Path to Paradox, and The Ends of Exile) have been updated here in PirateCat, and you can see them now on our Read page!

And just for fun, here's the reveal video I plan to use on social media this weekend. (Fun fact: the music in this video is a short clip of the custom Legends of Arameth Theme, an instrumental piece my friend, Rachel Freeman, composed for me when this series inspired her! I LOVE that I have my own custom theme song for this series!)

What do you think of these new covers? Let me know in the comments below!!

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