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Map & Poem of Raith'il

Far in the dark and feared abyss, where love is pain and monsters hiss

The Deepside creatures rule the night

With iron claws and jaws that bite

And terrors darker still.

Amid the night a child came, from place unknown to fields of flame

And monsters flocked toward the cries

Of tear-soaked child lost deep in fright,

Hunger on their faces.

And then swept in the conqueror before whom monsters flee,

Not to save the terror-struck child,

But to be the first to feast.

Through claws and fangs he boldly fought, for right to eat what had been caught

But when the fear-soaked child he saw,

His hunger melted into awe

Before the child’s power.

He seized the child and took it home, to mold the child with fists of stone,

To sear with fire the screams and tears,

And forge a weapon all would fear

To end the age of war.

But far away a hero stirred, by child’s cries awakened.

He chased the sound through deep and time,

To save the child forsaken.

—Poem of Raith’il,

Recorded in The Book of the Ancients, Arayear 6 p.A.;

Original reported missing from Arcalon Hall of Archives, Arayear 52 p.A.;

Copied to Arcalon Archives via Historian Memory Consensus, Arayear 53 p.A.

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