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Living, Loving, Laughing

David couldn’t stop staring or smiling over the pendant that dangled from my neck. Joseph was convinced someone would mug me wearing a giant rock around my neck, but I assured him I wouldn’t be traipsing around Cracktown after midnight. The six of us decided to have a triple date. We’d earned it after the events of the previous day, so Monday night the guys took us to an upscale Italian restaurant James swore was out of this world.

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Forgiveness Strengthens The Soul

“Uh uh, nope. No way. There is no chance I’m letting my sister meet that woman without me by her side. Not happening.” Joseph and I both...


One Year Later “Easy, easy. There you go. Perfect! I think that’ll do for today.” Clarissa slid easily from Matilda’s back and patted her...


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