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Chapter Four

Based on the giggling from the dressing room, the guys assumed they’d been forgotten. On the contrary, when Erin’s hair got stuck in a zipper and Isabella couldn’t get her dress back over her head, we couldn’t stop laughing. After much patience and single-strand removal, I got Erin’s hair free from the zipper. A few good tugs and we released Isabella from her satin prison. She tossed the gown on the floor with a grumble.

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Five Years Later

Driving in a prom gown was no easy task, so I focused on the road and not the fact that Chase hadn’t answered my last five calls. I wasn’t far behind him, maybe fifteen minutes at the most, and I was

It had been a week since Chase left Hayden to fend for himself for once. Chase called one of Hayden’s friends who wasn’t on the team, and he’d gone to drag Hayden back to his apartment and gotten him

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