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Chapter 51 - Matthew

Matthew got a lot of homework and studying done that day, despite the fact that concern about Hunter kept looming in the back of his mind. It's not that he and Hunter were close or anything, but having someone you know – even casually – suddenly thrown into a near-death situation had a way of shaking a person up. Besides, Hunter was a cool guy. Matthew wanted him to be okay. But more than that, he realized as he thought about it, he wanted Hunter and Anissa to be okay. He wanted their relationship to work out. Why am I so invested in this? Matthew asked himself. He wasn't sure. He let the question roll around in the back of his mind for a few hours, but he still didn't have an answer. He was sitting at his computer still trying to figure it out over a cup of hot tea the next morning, when another email came through.

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Chapter 50 - Hunter

What… What did… What? Hunter reread the message a dozen times, but it still made no more sense than it had the first. It wasn’t possible....

Chapter 52 - Declan

Declan was surprised to find that he didn’t have to wait for the class gossip chain to pass him information about what was happening...


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