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Chapter 40 - Hunter

Hunter slowed to a stop at a red light and let his mind wander as he waited, imagining all the possible interactions he might have with Anissa at class. Would she wander up and talk to him as Hunter, watching him for signs that he was the secret admirer? Would she approach him directly and ask if he was S.A.? What if she ignored or avoided him? What would that mean? And then there was the added variable of whether or not she would read his Day 31 email before coming to class. That would impact things, too. If she hadn’t read it, she might still be looking at him for clues or signs, not knowing that he had given her an easy way out if she didn’t like the game’s answer. If she had read the email, would she be relieved that she could walk away without guilt? Would she feel sorry for him, that he had done all this and she wasn’t interested? The thought of her pitying him made him feel nauseated. And yet – maybe she’d be happy; maybe she would be pleased, hopeful that she had the right answer, and eager to see him.

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