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Chapter 11: Grace

Updated: Oct 8, 2022


Some of the weirdest things to ever happen to me had happened while working at Eastonville Planetarium. I wasn’t entirely sure I believed in ghosts or spirits, but the planetarium definitely made a solid argument in support of their existence. Things just happened there. Once Aaron lost his car keys and found them in the projection room in a locked drawer that no one could find the key for. We wrote it off as a prank, but Aaron swore it was a ghost. Another time, Jane, one of our managers, held an entire conversation with a woman in the bathroom. When Jane left the room and realized she had left her walkie on the sink, she turned and went back into an empty bathroom. Late one night, I cleaned out the popcorn case and took out the trash. When I returned, the popcorn case was full of steamy popcorn again—I was the only one still there after closing.

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